Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wine Tasting…Croatian style!

We felt that we should check out a few wineries in Hvar as the wine we had been drinking since arrival in Split has been extremely good…..
I had read about one winery, Zlatan Otok, which is in a unique situation, its wine storage is under water!

So we checked to see if we could go to it and take in a few others.  We were duly given a map with 3 wineries on it and arranged for pick up the following afternoon.  It wasn't clear how long it would take.

We thought that Zlaton Otok, Plenkovic on the map, was on our way to the others, however we passed the other two which were located in Jelsa en route. Turns out to get to it we had to go over a mountain to the same south side of the island as Hvar, but the coast road has as yet not been finished!
It was an interesting ride… a very narrow, essentially one lane road….. and through a very primitive tunnel!

 In one direction we actually had to back out of the tunnel after being given the green light as there was another car coming towards us very slowly! The reason… was helping 2 cyclists get throughout the tunnel…..the signs for 'no bicycles' had been ignored!

Our first stop gave us some idea of what they meant by wine tasting…… a full glass of 3 different wines, together with a plate of prosciutto and cheese.

All the wine was excellent…..particularly this red….
We did check out the underwater wine storage….
… looked at the fish just outside the window…….

…..and were shown the very high areas where the vines are picked by hand…

…….obviously our stop there took a little while!

On to the second winery, Tomic….. this seemed to be in an ordinary looking house from the exterior…… but it did have the stainless steel vats inside!

Lots of wines were displayed… with a photo of the owner to the right, sitting in a wine barrel!

He checked that we were OK with the wines being offered downstairs in the tasting room……which apparently was done to look like the basement of Diocletian's palace!

This time the glasses were not quite as full…..however we tried 5 different ones! And were treated to various cheeses and anchovies.
All wines were excellent.

Staggering on to the third winery Dubokovic……. this one was in a candlelit konoba!
Again we tasted many fantastic wines……and more cheese!

We returned to Hvar quite late.. having taken 6 to 7 hours for the trip!  Fortunately we were not driving!

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