Sunday, September 28, 2014

On to our last Croatian stop…..Dubrovnik

Buying ferry tickets in Croatia is not easy!  First we bought our tickets, and then we were told we had to come back the following morning for the boarding card, as they are only allowed to give those on the day of the ride.  So back we went……to find out that now we must go back again 30 mins before the ferry departs as it could be leaving from either port of the town!!

So we decided to have an early lunch on the promenade where we could see boats approach…..
and we left our table once we saw where the boat was heading!  No need to return to the Jadrolinja office!

We were a little surprised that we had to climb up essentially 2 stories with luggage to get on or off the boat!

Unfortunately a catamaran was not an option! And this particular ferry was the last of the season between Korcula and Dubrovnik……so we definitely did not want to miss it!  The alternative was a ferry to the mainland and then a minibus journey!

The mainland as seen from the boat seemed rather forbidding……

Dubrovnik when we reached it looked very busy compared to the islands, or even Split.
We checked into our apartment and admired the view from the windows……..
There is a plaque on the outside wall of the building…. presumably Kathleen Wilkes lived here….

This little port under the Lovrijenac Fort……. is apparently where scenes for the Game of Thrones takes place. Apparently they are filming here for the next few days…..but we have seen no evidence yet…..

We couldn't resist a nighttime stroll into the old town……

but were surprised at the numbers also out strolling……

There was a jazz concert at the end of the town so we assumed this was unusual and most people were here for the concert…

…...… until we saw some night time guided tours!

We had dinner in a very good restaurant, Sesame
It was a little funky but the food is excellent….

It took us a little while to find as we thought it was on a back street near the fort. This involved going up and down many steps!! However it turned out to be on the main road, a little uphill from the Hilton hotel.  Definitely ask for a table not too close to the traffic noise!

The following morning proved to be more of the same……..many, many tourists. Apparently there are 4 cruise ships in and that means about 7000+ people seeing the sights!

We found a great site which gives dates when the cruise ships are docked so that one can choose less busy days to visit, unfortunately too late for us to change our plans. The September schedule shows that
tomorrow looks better for us to sightsee…. only 2 boats in!

The main square had a local food products market, which was very colourful….with the producers in national costume...

It was lunchtime for some…….
We checked out the port area……

…..looked at the people walking around the walls….but were not tempted to join them!  26+ degrees, full sun!

As we exited Pile Gate we were happy that we had gone into the town earlier on…..
…….looks a little like queueing at Disneyland!!

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