Thursday, September 25, 2014

A side trip to Stari Grad on the island of Hvar…...

We certainly liked what we saw of Hvar but felt we needed to check out the oldest inhabited area of the island. Apparently Stari Grad was settled 300 years BC by the Greeks!  And it has fields separated by stone walls from that time….which are now protected.

It is a lot smaller and sleepier than Hvar.  The main car ferry from Split docks there….but it would seem as though most tourists head on to Hvar.

We took a bus over there……and had a great view along the coastline…..
…..then walked around….slowly!  It was obvious we would not need too much time to explore!
Lots of squares……

quiet streets….
with the odd konoba for wine!

and fishing nets!

We were intrigued by their use of fake birds to keep the real ones away! As we didn't see any flying around it would seem to work…….

We had intended having lunch at a well recommended restaurant, the Apolon…..

but it was closed!
The menu outside looked very interesting and it certainly looked an appealing place!

We went looking for an alternative and were briefly enticed by these funky chairs until we realized they only served cake!!

The only place of interest to see apart from various churches seemed to be the Tvrdalj Fortress, the house of a poet from the 15th century.

Apparently the gardens have the same flowers and herbs as when he lived there

 and the fishpond is still stocked with the same type of fish….

We returned to the absolutely bustling town of Hvar ……...

……..on an earlier bus than we had originally planned!

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