Friday, September 19, 2014

Trogir…… a short boat ride from Split.

Taking a local ferry boat to the island Trogir, designated a UNESCO site seemed like a plan. Finding out where the ferry goes from was a little more difficult as the only indication is when the boat is docked!

……. we had a good view of our apartment while waiting to board….

It was definitely standing room only as it stops by an island en route and it looked as though the locals had come to market! It wasn't as interesting a trip as we had expected, apart from seeing 5 Croatian missile boats……

Trogir itself is on a small island with bridges on either side, one to the mainland.

Its main point of interest is the Cathedral. This is in fantastic condition…. however is was started in 1213 with most of it built in the 13th century….... but not finished until the 17th century….
The door is the main feature…

with Adam and Eve on either side of the door, holding the world on their shoulders, apparently!

We wandered around the small narrow streets, in part because they were interesting and in part to avoid the tour groups!  It is obviously on every tourist 'must see' list!

We popped into several interesting courtyards..

and wondered if these items lying in this courtyard could have been loos…or maybe bidets!

Having done some research ahead of time we knew there was one restaurant of note…. which is also #1 on Trip Advisor,  not always an indication of good food!
The Konoba TRS…...

 has a vine covered courtyard  which is absolutely charming…..

The chef is a young and up and coming chef and his food is excellent…..
Rosemary flavoured gnocchi with octopus strips

Shrimp Risotto in Prosecco …..

and the wine was from Bibich Winery which we have found to be excellent!

We decided we didn't need to wait until 5.30 for the boat back to Split. The bus was actually a better option. We had a definite seat each rather than having everyone continuing to squeeze in on a bench!

Not being too hungry in the evening we decided to check out Figa restaurant which has lots of tables on the steps leading up to our apartment …...for an apero …….

and then to the 'locals' one…right next to our apartment…….

where 'these locals' having been playing cards every evening…….

We had a table with a view over the harbor…….just not as good as the one we have in our upstairs apartment!

Figa do room service to our apartment…..however we prefer the ambiance of the actual restaurant… this case on the steps!!

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