Saturday, September 27, 2014

And on to Korcula…..

We decided on an early ferry to take us from Hvar to Korcula…..
this time traveling by a speedboat ferry….

not quite as comfortable as the catamaran!

Our first view of the town showed a very large cruise ship docked…..

and it turned out it was right in front of our hotel….as viewed from our window...
The view after it left was much nicer…..

 This is apparently the island where Marco Polo lived before his extended trip to Asia…..

and this house/tower was where he was born in 1254……

The whole town is built on a hill with the Cathedral being on the only flat ground… at the top!

 We were lucky to be able to be there when they were recording a classical concert that evening…..

..with a Tintoretto in the background!

….and some spears from the Battle of Lepanto…… not clear who brought them back….

Little steep narrow streets lead up to it from all sides.

It was heavily fortified at one time with high walls.  These have now been removed.

However the main 'land gate' is quite impressive

as are the corner fortresses….

There are only 2 hotels in the old town…
the Hotel Korcula, where we are staying….

and the Lesic Dimitri.

They are worlds apart!
One is still in the past, the other seems to be extremely up market.
We did eat at LD, their restaurant…..excellent food.
Their location is fantastic…..
the view is magnificent…..
 ….and looking over the wall was also fantastic…...

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