Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wine tasting in Lumbarda, Korcula

We made a side trip to the wine growing area of the Grk grape. We had heard about this difficult to pronounce grape which apparently only grows in this particular area … it needs sand.
So we set off from Korcula Old Town to Lumbarda…..again taking a bus!

We couldn't resist trying to find some wineries…….but this would be  a little different from our winery tour in Hvar. Most of these wineries have a very small production….most less than 10000 bottles a year. And of course this is their busy time picking and pressing the grapes, so they were not really open for wine tasting.
We did walk to a few as we were told that the owners lived in the winery and would no doubt be there.
We were amused to see the road being vacuumed on one side and on the other the grass between the grapes being cut…. they did have a little discussion!

Heavily laden vines….growing in the sand..
This particular winery did have the family there…... working……

grapes being pressed…….

..and bottles waiting for labels……
Their view was magnificent…. and we really liked their wine, which was lighter than others we tried...
The next winery we visited seemed to have packed up and gone for a rest!

We decided to head for the water….

We ended up having lunch in a delightful restaurant….good food, great location…. the Konoba Feral..

and we tried their own wine, Fides, which has won awards.
Back in Korcula Old Town we explored a little more…… keeping in mind that we didn't want to keep going up and down…

There had obviously been some well heeled noblemen once…..
but we noticed that a lot of buildings had been abandoned…..
…..even those next to the birthplace of Marco Polo…..
We returned to a nice sunset view from our hotel room….

….before going for dinner at a local restaurant…the Konoba Adio Mare...

and 'yes' we did have to go up to the top of the town again!  But we were lucky… we got there before a thunderstorm with a huge downpour……lots of people were turned away…. and we were very happy not to be seated on the terrace!!

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