Friday, March 2, 2018

Eating out in Lima....continued!

So moving up on the list of 50 best restaurants in the world I went to #5 .....Central
This is very different from Maido....... the chef Virgilio Martinez  likes to collect unknown ( at least to most of the world) ingredients from the jungle or the Andes and he offers a tasting menu which is described as being from different elevations.

Again the entrance is discreet, and was also manned.

 Initially when I made a reservation all tables were booked and I was booked in to eat in the bar area.

This was acceptable, however when I got there, there had been a cancellation and there was a table available in the main restaurant room.
I was invited to go into the kitchen...... they were obviously used to this! And it looks as though the chef Virgilio was there!

This was not quite the same as the 13 course meal I had had at Maido.
It was only 11 courses! And it really was an experience.... rather than good food, in my opinion!

The 11 course menu was called the Ecosystems menu....... and it states at what elevation each course comes from..... getting started ...first course...... Rock Mollusks ( sea snail!).....3 dishes appeared........

Just in case you think this may be quite a lot to eat....look carefully! Food was in the first dish, green cracker only on second, and brown implement to eat first dish on last one!
I felt I needed to ask each time what exactly I could actually eat!
......then  Thick idea what it was!
with its accompanying crisps...
then Waters of Nanay...could have done without the decoration of  piranha heads........they were just there to support the crisp! and the edible part (orange color) on the right was not exactly filling!
next....Forest Cotton... described as river shrimp...... just the two pieces! High Jungle.......finally some food! in the form of bread!  I asked what I could eat and was told just the was sitting on pebbles!!
and the air potato I was looking forward to was just a crisp!

Marine Soil... a sea urchin
Land of Corn......crisps  and ???!

Sea Coral
High Andes Mountains...
Amazonian White and Medicinals and Plant Dyes...served together!
The presentation was absolutely superb! However the actual food content was minimal, even with the 11 courses!  However happy to have had the experience!

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