Friday, April 4, 2014

Saigon…now Ho Chi Min City…..Vietnam

We think of this city as Saigon, and so apparently do a majority of its residents!  However for the rest of Vietnam it is definitely HCMC!
We actually liked it and would have liked to have spent more time there. Looking for a hotel we came across the Hotel Continental in which Graham Greene had resided for 3 months while writing The Quiet American. This was enough of an attraction for me! Despite not having a very high rating on Trip Advisor(#76) we decided to book and were very happy with our choice.
Huge rooms, a little outdated yes, but oozing with history!

 I don't think it has been changed much since he was there in the 50s... except perhaps the bathroom….
…and we loved the hotel rules!!

It is in a very central location  with views…..…

… overlooking the Opera House…..

...with fantastic (think expensive!!) stores on the doorstep…

… all housed in a beautiful building…..

It was close to the Central Post Office designed by Eiffel…..

..still with the old fashioned phone booths, but now with modern phones..….

 .. and its two famous maps of the times…...

and many  restaurants in the immediate area….

We found a great courtyard in what had been an opium refinery with a choice of restaurants which should suit most people's tastes….
..and it was just one block behind the hotel….

We tried just two of the restaurants.…..
Blanchey Street, a Japanese restaurant….. we decided sushi would make a nice change!

there was a fantastic menu…..…. and , yes, we did order too much!

We were so happy to have found it… of our best sushi meals ever!

and Vino…..

 We liked their attitude!

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