Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Being a tourist in Hoi An, Vietnam

We think Hoi An is one of the nicest places in Vietnam to visit……unfortunately so do a lot of other tourists!  But that did not detract from our enjoyment of the place!

After our cookery course and large lunch at the Gioan cookery school we felt we needed a rest we were on the lookout for a nice place to stop…
We found it at  Green Mango, which had been a competitor in our search for a cookery school in Hoi An! It was far more upmarket…...

 We did feel in need of a drink!
 It was a delightful old house…. and I am sure we would also have enjoyed a cookery course there….

The town was not too crowded walking around…..

…... the buildings were beautiful….

This was the Vinh Hung hotel where apparently Michael Caine used one of its rooms as a dressing room when The Quiet American was being filmed.  I had initially thought of booking us in there to soak up the 200 year old atmosphere….but opted not to once I read the reviews on Trip Advisor.  However that was how I came across the hotel we did stay in, a newer hotel of the Vinh Hung group!

Hoi An is famous for its quick turn around on making clothes…..

…and is also famous for its lanterns…..

 which  look spectacular when lit up at night!

We would have loved to have bought some but they do not fold down…..and with a 20kg limit to our baggage on Vietnam Air we would have had to have them shipped.

Street food sellers were everywhere…..

This older person bought some street food…….
and then proceeded to sit in the restaurant to eat it!!
These two looked as though they were arguing about whose corner it was……...

Close to the Japanese Bridge seemed to be a favorite venue for wedding photos...

We were happy that we stayed at the Vinh Hung Emerald resort as they had their own boat for a complimentary tour of the river…..which was interesting…..

…….people commuting to work on a ferry……

…..the river side of the market……
and lots of boats…...

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