Friday, February 7, 2014

Burmese days…..Bagan continued

We finally were able to check into our hotel in Bagan……after lunch! Guides and drivers had their meals offered by the restaurants……presumably included in the prices paid by tourists!

We had chosen this particular hotel,  the Thande Hotel, in Old Bagan, because it is  historical ….

and had agreed to upgrade our room to have a view of the Irrawaddy.

the bar area has a superb view……..where, yes indeed, we did indulge!
the pool area…….where we absolutely had no free time to relax and enjoy!

The rooms were a liitle basic…. but the beds were nicely decorated!

We  were extremely happy with our choice and can thoroughly recommend,
even though it is  now a little tired.

The grounds are beautiful  and it is very low key…and we couldn't fault the breakfast view, nor indeed the actual breakfast……

The afternoon was another round of Pagodas….

First the Sulamani Pagoda…..

I was beginning to feel a little claustrophobic by now…internal corridors, no way out as only the entrance was open as an exit…..kept thinking about the fact that they have a lot of earthquakes…...

I was very happy to be outside!!

then Dhammayan Gyi Pagoda…..  this we were told was built by an 'evil' King….

Monastery on the grounds……….again earthquake damage evident!

then Ananda Temple

These two Buddhas are the original ones…..

and at the feet of this one is a gold leafed small Buddha….. probably again no ladies are allowed to put any gold leaf on him!

Then it was off in a horse and carriage, very difficult to climb into and not a very comfortable ride, to get to the Shwegu Gyi Temple pagoda in order to watch the sunset...


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