Friday, February 21, 2014

And ever onwards… Thailand

Burma was a fantastic experience and it is a trip that we can thoroughly recommend. Best to do sooner rather than later, before mass tourism arrives…..

Unfortunately we had to move on…..
We had thought because we were flying in to Bangkok and out again on Bangkok Airways  that we would have no problem changing planes, as we had noticed that all their flights seemed to be from the same area….  Wrong!  It is such a huge airport….. and of course we arrived in a totally different area.

We were faced with this departure board when we arrived….. but couldn't work out where we were supposed to go….

 We chose East as we remembered that we had been this way before…..
 the walkways are very long…...

With some amusing stopping points…. .

 We did see an airport information desk……… but didn't stop as there was no indication of how long it might be before they returned…….

Our arrival  in Koh Samui was totally different.
For starters there was no real building…… just walkways between covered areas for baggage etc.

Our car was waiting to take us to our rented villa in Bang Po…Villa Serena… which we had rented for a month.  We chose the north side of the island because it has very little nightlife.

It is almost on the beach… which is just past the swimming pool

Our first evening we were able to take a walk along the beach to a local restaurant, mentioned in a Travel and Leisure article…..
We weren't expecting to see a buffalo en route…. and indeed we never saw it again...

 and we had another fantastic sunset….. the restaurant we were going to is where there are lights under the trees...….

The various types of food we have eaten there…..
Green shelled muscles!

The food here was so good it has become our local …..almost every other night! Average cost of a meal for 2 is less than $20!

And we have discovered that we are just along the beach from a home owned by David Beckham

A slight difference in size however..…..

It is in the opposite direction from 'our' restaurant……so will be looking for a restaurant in that direction!  You never know!

Actually don't think we will bother…it seems as though he has only visited it once since completion! Or has managed to arrive un-noticed!!

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