Monday, March 25, 2013

St Kitts... or, full name,St Christopher Island

We arrived late afternoon in the Basseterre marina of St Kitts. It was quite a feat for the skipper to reverse into a very tight mooring..... the slot just before the red sail....

We were delighted to be mooring and looked forward to a good nights sleep with less movement of the boat during the  night! No dingy to board to get on shore! And also we got to use the showers, which unfortunately only had cold water!
However the marina itself left a lot to be desired!  Our view from the back of the boat wasn't exactly scenic......

and the night time heavy beat from the local disco, just over the back wall, until 3am was definitely not appreciated by us. Particularly on the second night as we were setting off at 6am!

And on the other side of the marina there was what looked like an outlet mall.  It was deserted the first evening and we felt sorry for the shopkeepers. When we woke up the  following morning a cruise ship had arrived and we then found out that it is a duty free shopping area for day cruises!  The ship draws right in and 2000 to 3000 people get off the boat to shop!

Or to go to the beach......
and then back on board at time for dinner and departure!

We rented a minibus taxi which took us to an old plantation, Ottleys Plantation Inn

for lunch.....

 This was beautifully maintained and the drive there allowed us to see a large part of the island.

As the hotel wouldn't allow us to swim in their pool, which is in the old sugar factory ( they had said 'yes' the evening before and there was no-one using it!)

we then went on to a beach, South Friars which has a nice sandy beach and places to sit and have a drink.......

We did explore Basseterre, which is not very big... and would appear to be quite poor... They definitely need the cruise ship dollars!!

We were sorry that the 'swell' made it impossible for us to anchor in Nevis as we think that would probably have been a more pleasant stop...... we were not too impressed with the Basseterre marina and would definitely advise giving it a miss!!

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