Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our longest day sail in the Caribbean....

Getting from St Kitts to Guadaloupe involved sailing for 12 hours! Moorings doesn't allow its boats to stop in Monserrat, which has a hot volcano! We went quite close and it does still seem to be smoking!

Our goal was to reach Deshaies in the north of Guadaloupe before nightfall.

We set off around 6 am and did get to see the sun rise!  Quite dramatic!  We see more sunsets than sun rises....

Again we saw no other boats during the day...... a little scary!
We passed one inhospitable rock, Redonda  ..... close to Monserrat but owned by Antigua.....one has to ask 'why'??

We did arrive just as it was getting dark and then had to anchor a little way out

and unbelievably for us we got to see a sunrise and a sunset on the same day!!

We actually had a very good meal in Deshaies at La Savane...... but they had to call us back to let us know that they could seat 8..... waves were coming over their balcony and they weren't sure how many tables they could use.... we saw the 'wet' evidence when we arrived!!

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