Monday, December 15, 2014

Alba en route to Verona…….opera time!

We are always trying to vary our much traveled route between Switzerland and Provence…. and one favorite way is though Italy.   Going to the opera in Verona is a fantastic experience and we noticed that Aida was playing the day after we intended returning.  So a quick change of plan ....and we built our return journey around a visit there.
We left a fantastic evening view from our chalet in Chateau d'Oex.....
and replaced it with an equally beautiful view next evening in Barbaresco.....

We stayed in our favorite (tired!) hotel, the Vecchio Tre Stelle......for the food!

We also like Alba….it has my favorite 'outlet' Missoni store……and I like to include it in passing! And having just inadvertently a washing machine......a favorite sweater I felt it was imperative to visit it!!

So we decided to stay in the actual city and chose a hotel with parking, the Hotel Savona. This was also a rather tired hotel but the location was great …..walking distance to everything!

We thought we might go to the  Michelin 3 star  Piazza Duomo, having economised on the hotel……but it was closed!  For August!! However their more affordable restaurant was open, La Piola.....

This is on the ground floor of the main restaurant, on the Piazza Duomo and has great food!  We eat there twice.... on the same day!! No other recommended restaurants in Alba were open!  Ferragosto!!

Good food…..good wine!

The wine at La Piola was so good ........

..........we couldn't resist a visit to the Ceretto winery before moving on to Verona...

The centre of Alba is definitely worth a visit......

and we were intrigued by this poster on the main square....... a week in a spa being offered to pensioners! We wondered if they offer the same for people living in other EU countries!!
 Non residents of Alba pay just 55 euros for transport!! Presumably the 'Cure Termali' are covered by the health service!!

The visit to the Missoni store didn't go as anticipated either!! I had not really realized that Ferragosto included closure of stores and more than a few days in the middle of the month!  
This notice basically says 'see you in September'!  We will return!! Next year!!

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