Thursday, November 6, 2014

Some Dubrovnik restaurants that we can recommend…..or not!

There are a lot of restaurants in Dubrovnik!  So no lack of choice! There is one street which seems to have tables from one end to the other. This street runs parallel to the Stradun, the main street.

We didn't try any there!

Our absolute favorite was Proto…..

First we tried their street tables …..  but noticed this sign for an upstairs terrace….so we returned..
We had to pay a cover charge to eat upstairs….. but it was in a much quieter location.

  Food was the same up or down…and was excellent!

The hot cold salad with shrimps was different…...
…. as was the sea bream with black olive pate….

One night we were going to a concert at the Rector's palace and needed to eat a little earlier and close by. We tried the Cafe Royal restaurant at the Pucic Palace hotel. We had to eat inside as their outside tables were not allowed because of the filming of Game of Thrones! This was no problem as it was definitely in a different style from the other restaurants we had visited…..

and the ravioli with truffles was also excellent!

Another restaurant we tried was the Sesame.

We identified, we thought, where it might be on google maps and wandered a lot of backstreets. it turned out to be on the corner of the main road leading from the Pile gate, just opposite the Hilton hotel! There was quite a bit of traffic noise…. and we did ask to have a table a little further in than the one originally offered!  Food was, however, excellent……

We wanted to eat in the old port so booked a table with a view at the Arsenal.  Location was excellent, food was OK…..

Then one evening we tried our local, the Orhan……

The setting here is absolutely fantastic and definitely worth going there just for that alone.

 However the meal was a little bit of a disaster! We ordered a fish soup to have first, followed by a fish dish. However the waiter forgot we ordered the soup and brought us  the fish first ……. we obviously were a little taken aback and he whipped away the fish……and returned 10mins later with the soup. No problem!
However our fish returned for the second time…. 30 mins from its first visit to the table……a little cold!!!
We did complain…….and they did remove it from the bill… we were not temped to eat it!
The wine we had there was excellent!!

We would go there again because of the location……

…but would probably not order a starter!!

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